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RED PATH – Child And Youth Life Skills Program (June 2016)

The Akwe:go and Wasa-Nabin Coordinators are now trained to facilitate Red Path’s Child and Youth Life Skills Program! Sponsored by the Carpenters Local 1256 for the entire cost, the workers along with two students are now certified facilitators and are getting ready to offer this program to our Urban Aboriginal Children and Youth. Stay tuned for upcoming session dates. We are actively accepting referrals for registration for our Fall session. Please see the brochure for all the details. Miigwetch.


A self-development program for Urban Aboriginal at-risk youth (ages 13-18). By accessing the services and supports offered by the Wasa-Nabin program, youth will learn goal setting, leadership skills development, and how to make healthy choices, ultimately leading to healthier lifestyles and personal success. Activities are culturally appropriate, and directed to improve interpersonal skills, knowledge, attitudes, and enhance values, to promote personal well-being. Services and support is offered in the following categories; Social Support, Youth in Care, Healthy Eating and Physical Development, Education, Justice, and Preventing Violence. Eligible youth receive one-to-one support and services, as well as the opportunity to be involved in group activities.

We are proud to offer “I am a Kind Man” and “Street Wolf” youth programs.

Akwe:go Urban Aboriginal Children’s Program

The aim is to improve the quality of life of urban Aboriginal children (​ages 7–12 years) through the delivery of appropriate activities and services. Traditional cultural teachings and values are the guiding principles through client-based programming and individualized one-on-one supports that encourage healthy lifestyle choices. The program focus is on enhancing the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that will demonstrate positive personal choices and develop awareness of the consequences of negative behaviours.

Every child’s needs in the program are identified by intake, needs assessment, and a client action plan process. They are then addressed and based on one of the five program objectives:

  • Social Supports – addressing self-esteem issues, victimization issues and peer pressure.
  • Children in Care – increased access to culturally appropriate services.
  • Healthy and Physical Development – health impacts of poverty, diabetes and obesity.
  • Institutional Interventions – school suspension supports, direct access to computers and literacy initiatives.
  • FASD and or Disabilities – providing tutoring and mentoring, supervised physical activities and incorporating a parent support component

Akwe:go is proud to offer the Student Nutrition Program funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Healthy snacks and meals during programming are made possible with this additional support.

Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program

Promoting and supporting healthier lifestyles for urban Aboriginal people. The program creates opportunities for community members to learn about healthy lifestyles and participate in active living activities. The program provides the urban Aboriginal community with hands on experience through interactive workshops, healthy nutrition information, cooking classes, fitness training, smoking cessation support, sport and recreational activities, all to introduce healthier options and alternatives to an overall healthy lifestyle. The Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living program also focuses on youth leadership by encouraging and supporting youth to promote healthy lifestyles amongst their peers and to be healthy living leaders in their community. The program will prepare youth for leadership roles through training, mentoring, and community event involvement. The Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living program provides a safe space for all, young and old, to have fun and improve their health.

H.E.A.L (Healthy Eating Active Living)

The H.E.A.L programme aims to enhance your knowledge, skills and attitudes as you work towards improving your health and reaching your goals. This is a weekly programme that runs for 10 weeks with weekly weigh-ins.

Activities and teachings include:

  • Understanding Nutrition
  • Portion Control
  • Managing Stress
  • Workouts
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Cooking Classes

*The HEAL program is offered by the UAHLP Coordinator.

Cultural Resource Program

Download the brochure

Please contact Nancy @ 519-344-6164 to register. You may also text Nancy at (226) 932-6261. Transportation may be available. Registration is required to participate!

*Program calendars are subject to change at any given time, without notice!

*Healthy Meals and Snacks will be provided for clients and participants during programming.

Life Long Care Program

To register for programs and services please call Annette or e-mail her at LLC@slnfc.org

The goal of the Aboriginal Life Long Care Program is to assist Aboriginal Elders/seniors/all people with disabilities and degree of chronic illnesses, and /or require acute/chronic continuum of care to remain within their communities while ensuring quality of care and appropriate support systems for their families.


  • To preserve and enhance the quality of life for direct-service users through the provision of on-going supports for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being;
  • To promote a positive and secure environment for direct-service users to engage in (community-based, culturally appropriate, etc.) social activities;
  • To support direct-support users to remain in the community and foster valuable relationships through community engagement;
  • To educate direct-service users and their family caregivers on lifelong health and support service; and
  • To develop integrated service delivery with other Friendship Centre programming and connect urban Indigenous individuals to community and government support and health care services.
  • To provide for the development of a comprehensive volunteer support circle.